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    ■ On an optional wireless microphone issue 2010-12-10
    Key words quality wireless microphone microphone microphone type microphone optional
    One. The type of wireless microphone
    Prior to purchasing products, the first response to the product category to choose a basic concept to suit their needs models. The type of wireless microphone, according to different definitions, can be divided into many different types.
    1. By firing frequency while the distinction:
    a.FM wireless microphone: commonly known as FM is FM 88-108MHz FM broadcast band internationally. Early consumer wireless microphone is used to receive FM radio, the system is simple, low cost, but the results, have to meet the requirements of professional quality, can only be a child or student's toys.
    b.VHF wireless microphone: low frequency and high frequency band is divided into two types, the former uses VHF50MHz band, due to lower frequency, using the antenna length is too long, but also the most vulnerable to all kinds of electrical interference of clutter, so this type of products, has now been gradually replaced by high-frequency band to disappear from the market. Which uses VHF200MHz band, due to higher frequencies, the use of a shorter antenna, or even hide the antenna can be designed, convenient, safe and beautiful, by the electrical interference and much less clutter, circuit design is very mature, part popular prices low, so popular on the market today models.
    2. By receiving mode while the distinction:
    a. Receive information automatically select the wireless microphone system (True diversity receiving wireless system): the radio will generate public opinion in the "dead ends" (Dead-point) of the physical phenomena that the sound output of the receiver, resulting in intermittent or unstable defects, in order to solve this defect, professional models must be used for dual-antenna and dual tuner's "auto-selection information received" (Automatic switching diversity receiving) ways to improve.
    b. Non-automatic selection information wireless microphone system (Non-diversity receiving wireless system): As the sophisticated models of the circuit design, assembly is more difficult, high cost, low-priced models usually do not use automatic selection for the design of information , so it can not eliminate the use of wireless microphones in the sound generated interrupt shortcomings. The models of course can not meet the basic requirements for professional occasions.
    3. By way of the distinction between oscillation:
    a. Quartz lock (Qualtz locked) models: the quartz oscillator stability transmit and receive precise fixed frequency, the circuit is simple, low cost, is the standard wireless microphone circuit design. This type of microphone and receiver, only a single frequency pair with a fixed, can not change or adjust the frequency of use.
    b. phase-locked frequency synthesizer (PLL Synthesized) models: In order to avoid the use of wireless microphone interference from other signals encountered can not use, or for using combine the microphone of the occasion, need to change at any time convenient and fast channel, so PLL circuit design used to achieve the requirements of this function
    4. According to the number of the distinction between receiver channels:
    a. single-channel models: the case of a receiver, only one channel of non-automatic assembly election information election information or automatic receiver, the former is almost no market in Taiwan, but the export market for the cheapest, but it is a ( Great color goods). The latter use of simple, feature stable, is suitable for a professional setting multi-channel simultaneously, to avoid signal interference with the best models.
    b. dual-channel models: a receiver chassis, the assembly of two channels of non-automatic or automatic election information election information receiver, make full use of chassis space and reduce costs. The former is the so-called "Asian fighter aircraft," the model, because the design is simple, low-cost mass production of Taiwan's major aircraft manufacturers. The latter because the agencies and circuit complexity, the internal processing and antenna interference is not easy to mix and match, only a few models in the production of professional vendors have models.
    4. Microphone to the superior low noise characteristics of touch: the use of handheld wireless microphone with the palm of your hand touch the friction between the noise, impact on the normal sound quality, especially in the wireless microphone preamplifier itself is sensitive, so that Touch noise performance is more serious, a technical bottleneck. Because there is no general wireless microphone professional design experience, and to reduce manufacturing costs, the use of simple circuit, the choice of cheap sound head, poor suspension design and suspension of cheap tube body surface, so sound quality can not overcome the microphone is not clear significant acoustic noise degradation leaving the touch, so I chose high quality wireless microphones, special attention must choose a very clear sound quality and ultra-low touch noise characteristics.
    5. With the elimination of disruption or instability of the sound features: wireless microphone signals emitted by the surrounding environment due to the attraction and reflection, leading to the signals received by receiving antenna dead phenomenon occurs, the output of the sound produced disruption or instability of the shortcomings especially in the professional setting of this phenomenon can not be used under Xufa Sheng. To address this shortcoming, only by adopting the most advanced automatic selection information receiving system, to get the best results. General market popular cheap dual-channel receiver, are not receiving this information automatically selected features, and can not avoid these shortcomings, we can only for a short distance of home karaoke OK occasions. Place in the professional sound quality or attention to the users of information must be selected to receive the system automatically select models, to meet the requirements of sound quality, get the perfect performance.
    6. Can prevent standby loud noise caused by interference with the function: Most of the general receiver with mute control (Squelch Control), when the power is turned on and no microphone input or the signal strength of signals below a certain signal to noise ratio, mute control circuit is closed output circuit, the main receiver completely mute, to prevent the noise output. When the microphone signal turns on, the receiver immediately mute circuit, so that the voice of the microphone audio circuit output. But when the power is turned on and off the microphone moment, or in the microphone signal is turned off, occasional or more beyond the mute control intensity of signal interference, the receiver circuit will mute the impact of noise and interference by those starting out noise loud noise. To address this lack of high-level models will be installed in the so-called "lock audio mute circuit" be suppressed. The principle is the launch of the microphone signal by adding a fixed ultrasonic frequency modulation signal: while the receiver is also installed inside a discriminator, so, the receiver must receive a fixed ultrasonic frequency with which the microphone signal modulated signals when to start the output circuit, to prevent interference with other signals or noise features. To protect your valuable loud noise sound system is not damaged, you must select a tone code locking mute function models.
    7. With multi-channel use of non-interfering function: the use of wireless microphone technology the biggest bottleneck is the signal interference problems, especially the more frequently used, the more serious interference problems, so use both at the same place the case of multi-branch wireless microphone Next, to avoid interference, in addition to carefully choose the frequency of physically interfere with each other and adjacent to the outside world to avoid signal interference, the receiver should have excellent selectivity, transmit and receive radiation to be filtered to a very clean and harmonic to avoid signal interference. General VHF band receiver, 12 frequencies that could be done about the same time has been very good to use, while Taiwan's MIPRO products that can be used simultaneously without disturbing each of 24 frequencies, even in the specific conditions of the environment, specially designed and arrangements can be used to achieve more frequency.
    8. To solve multi-channel at the same time and to avoid interference, should be used in digital lock can change the frequency of multi-channel series models: the traditional wireless microphone system is the use of quartz locked fixed frequency design, this model is required to use the occasion of multi-channel or experience strong signal interference in the case, can not be any change you want to use the frequency, but must replace the entire table. To address this deficiency, advanced models will be using a phase locked frequency synthesizer (PLL Synthesized) means stored within the transmitter and receiver allows users to dozens of arbitrary transformation frequency, although higher than the cost of this advanced design high, but users on the distribution and a very handy feature, completely solve the above missing. Energy producing companies in Taiwan have MIPRO this design the most advanced and complete rationalization of prices of most products.
    9. To avoid the frequency of "traffic jam" or signal interference, should be used in UHF channel digital lock system products: due to the current VHF200MHz band wireless microphone use too much, resulting in signal interference and a variety of electrical noise interference increasingly serious problem, Thus the recent use of professional wireless microphone frequency gradually elevated to the UHF 800MHz band PLL phase-lock circuit by using the default multi-channel switch can be any design, to avoid the noise of other signals and general electrical interference, get the best results . UHF band as more complex circuit design, the use of high-frequency components are more sophisticated, so the current price is also high volume production of fewer vendors, but the UHF models is consistent with the best selection of professional quality, has become in the future popular trend. Taiwan still MIPRO production companies a full range of advanced models and complete peripherals.
    10. With the international quality certification and inspection by telecommunications regulations of products: good wireless microphone products must be certified by international quality manufacturing factories, and also certified through the national radio regulations in order to legally sell and use in as. Consumers should choose to use certified products, quality is guaranteed.
    Five. Data collection and evaluation
    Equipment manufacturers are not complete, simply can not provide the correct values, so that consumers can not be from the directory of the analysis and comparison to understand. Some vendors even through catalogs, ads make exaggerated description, misleading consumer psychology. But the quality is not open our mouths to say it, but to create them, and smart consumers in the information era, as long as the manufacturer's detailed analysis of the actual product used, the actual testing and relatively, you can get the proper quality evaluation.
    VI. Conclusion
    Choose a can fit their own needs, but also satisfied after using the wireless microphone products, in addition to understanding the principle of reference other than the above, the real action is still more to his collection of relevant information and compare the actual lyrics, to buy things over The value of the product. But changing technology products, features constantly updated with the day, you now have to buy a new product, we must choose the most advanced models




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